Special projects are aimed at expanding museological activities beyond the physical spaces of the MPPCN. They are permanent projects and actions in the field of science, education, tourism, and culture.


          With world recognition and reference in the paleontology of the Cariri region, the Museum of paleontology Plácido Cidade Nuvens does not give up that children and young people of the city have in-depth knowledge about the valuable collection it possesses. The professor and founder of this institution Dr. Plácido Cidade Nuvens felt proud to see those children each day more interested in undoing the vast world of paleontology and geology.

          The selected child of public schools has a differentiated training, with adjustments in language, field classes, conversations with professionals in the area and not least the access to the library in which contains a collection to fill the eyes of those who appreciate the Paleontological Science.

     Currently, the MPPCN has five scholarship holders of the URCA internships (PROEX, Geopark, PROAE) and 10 young people linked to the EDPS Pibex/Junior/URCA


The physical space of the MPPCN designated to deposit the collected and donated fossils is with more than 5000 specimens, among them are distributed among the groups of crustaceans, gastropods, plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates. All fossils that are deposited in the technical reserve have an identification number, which facilitates employees and researchers to locate and control the fossils that are lent to some researchers who are studying the material. The fossils are kept and divided according to the group that belongs. Small fossils as in the case of invertebrates, are stored in drawers in a large cupboard with the identification of the group belonging and the number of the drawer which is being stored and they are coated with bubble plastic to preserve the material, already in the case Of large fossil, they are stored on shelves according to the group that belongs. The entire specimen deposited in the technical reserve is in an electronic spreadsheet (Book of Tombo), where it has its identification, cabinet and drawer or bookcase in which the fossil material is stored. This space is of paramount importance to safeguard the fossils to provide these materials to researchers wishing to study the future, besides preserving the great richness we have in our region.   

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